Superhero Camp ~ Day 2

Day 2 of superhero camp is complete! Our day began with gadget building, as students designed and constructed amulets of power, rings of might, and a host of other wonderful devices.

It never ceases to amaze me how our students  can take the odds and ends we bring all the way from Urban Source in Vancouver and construct works of art. I don’t think the photographs do the super gadgets justice–but trust me; they are amazing!

Superhero gadget and story

Superhero gadgets.

The day was then taken over by super villains. We examined some of the famous super villains from comic books and discussed some of the things they have in common. (What just goes on in a research laboratory anyway? Most of these super villains seem to be scientists who go insane!)

The students then set to work designing there own super villains. Then, in the spirit of Dr. Horrible, we began writing applications for admission into the Evil League of Evil. This is a great activity for teaching a more academic style of writing, but in a very creative way. Over the next few days we’ll judge the applications and see which (if any of these villains) will be welcomed into the League!

Super Villain

Super Villain

Super Villains

Application to the Evil League of Evil worksheet

Oh! One more thing—I’m loving how the students are decorating their superhero kits. Just check out this one:

Superhero kit.

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