Super Hero Camp ~ Day 1

CWC Super Heroes

The first day of our superhero camp in Yong-In, Korea, is complete!

The kcellerator (a.k.a. kc dyer) and I were up late last night preparing the superhero kits, which included glow-tube bracelets, rings of power, rocket candy (for super energy) and an assortment of stickers and tattoos. You can see all the kits ready to go, as our camp mascot, Super Cosmo, looks on.

Suprhero kits

We started off the day by introducing our theme and setting the kids to work on designing their own superheroes, complete with costumes, super powers, and—of course—a super vulnerability.

Superhero design

Of course, all good superhero stories need a good crime to get the ball rolling, so we made our own ransom letters, describing a heinous crime. They turned out really well (though this is an activity that requires time and patience, which, incidentally, are good qualities for superheroes AND CWC students).

Ransom letter.

Ransom letter

Ransom letter

Tomorrow . . . we begin to craft our SUPER VILLAINS!

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