Superhero Camp ~ Day 3

It’s hard to cover all things Superhero in just a six-day camp, but we’re doing our best! The day began with my teaching partner, the kcellerator (a.k.a. kc dyer) leading a unit or lairs. The students then started producing schematic of lairs for their superheroes or supervillains.


There were some pretty ingenious designs being produced. (Though I will say there were a few design flaws here and there; who wants to hang out in a secret lair that can only be reached via fireman’s pole when there is NO toilet?)


The second workshop of the day focused on comic-book illustration. After all, you can’t have a superhero camp without comic strips, right? We’ll be producing an anthology of all the work written in the camp, so my idea is that each student can have a one-page comic strip that will introduce his or her section. So far, there seems to be some pretty exciting designs under construction!

Superhero comic.

Superhero comic.

Superhero comic.

Superhero comic.

Finally, we ended the day with a viewing of the final Act of the brilliant web-series, Dr. Horrible, which prompted much discussion about what makes a hero and what makes a villain.

Tomorrow? Well we really have something special in store!


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