Snakes, crocodiles, and cats — mummified! (Part 2)

In an earlier post, I described a project I’m doing in one of my creative writing classes in which we build mummies as part of an inspiration for a story.

In our last class, we completed the final phase of the model-building by painting some ornamentation onto the mummies.

hl2015pp_mummy09 hl2015pp_mummy08 hl2015pp_mummy07 hl2015pp_mummy06 hl2015pp_mummy05 hl2015pp_mummy04 hl2015pp_mummy03 hl2015pp_mummy02 hl2015pp_mummy01

I have to say, both the models and the stories exceeded my expectations. The students took a lot of inspiration from the process of mummifying these little clay corpses and included them in their stories. The most fun part of the stories have been reading how the students describe the process of mummification. You see, they had to write from the first person point of view of the character being mummified and journeying to the Egyptian afterlife.

Our (nearly) finished mummies! From my Picture Perfect class (where we write creative stories inspired by art history). I love all the different creatures!


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