A library of book covers

I’m still working on the book production for the students who took the Spring Term of my Dream Workshop program that is run through Creative Writing for Children. I’ve posted covers from my Vancouver and Coquitlam classes already, and now I thought I would post the covers from two more of my classes.

Check out the variety!

pm-annaliesesporer-outcast pm-avereeborn-drawer pm-brilliannacarson-siberia pm-caitlynborn-dragonmaster pm-jasonboe-magic pm-milesreed-sports pm-natalyapatz-tyria pm-thomasreed-oogly pm-tylerboe-howto

ol-alex-princesspearl ol-alexyoon-doit ol-chrispark_ziggurat ol-clarinelee-flyaway ol-debbiekim-stone ol-hyeonjeong-ravens ol-jameslee-secret ol-jasminelee-kendra ol-rosieyou-safamily ol-sarahyou-trial ol-scottshim-hole ol-tedkim-crashed ol-tianapark-hauntedhouse ol-tonyahn-love ol-tycha-universe ol-yujinkim-polvus


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