The power of props


I am so proud of my creative writing students! Yesterday they came to class with some absolutely wonderful props to go with their novels.

I wasn’t sure if they would take this quest to heart, but they each were able to discover their own path to success.  Some of them built their own props, while others went on a hunt to find the object. Others found an existing object and modified it.

What I find interesting is that some students went to seek or build a specific object, while others found an object that inspired them enough to include in their stories. In either case, texture will be added to their novels. Their plots, characters, and settings will be enriched. Plus, I hope they had some fun—and let’s face it, writing needs to be fun.

Here are some of the photos I snapped . . .

This wand looked so fantastic that I at first thought Danny had actually bought it somewhere. Turns out, he made it with a chopstick, some paper, gold paint and (the tool of all good prop-makers) a hot glue gun.

Wand prop

This student sought a magical key; when she couldn’t find the right one, she just built one of out clay. Then she decorated this box to be its container. Both were pretty amazing; I especially loved the ornamentation on the box.

Box prop

Below are some examples of props made from existing objects. Amy took an existing bracelet and added a green “jewel” to it, while Michelle took an old diary from her past (complete with a lock busted by her brother!) and added some decorations to it. This diary prop is really important, as her whole novel is written in diary format.


This is another prop that I thought was purchased, but upon closer inspection it was made. Sarah crafted it from clay and added some jewels to either end. This is definitely a magical device!

device prop

This is another handmade prop. Rachael made the cover with a leather-like material and added all of the decorations.

Book prop

These props by Michelle were really interesting. They were little amulets that called forth a type of “familiar” in that shape. She even made a sample of what one looks like after it dies.

Character props

Jun’s hunt for inspiration led him to purchasing this boat in a bottle, which gave him a brand new idea for his novel. I can’t wait to see how this is incorporated!

Boat prop

Great job, guys!

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