The heart of an Unger

Shuuunga.Last year, I posted a sketch of a new villain that will appear in Kendra Kandlestar 5 ~ the Unger Witch. Today, I was able to ink a final drawing of a close up of this character. It will go along with a chapter I plan to call “The Heart of an Unger.”

I have actually yet to write any scenes with this character—but I can’t wait to do so. I think she will be one of my favourite characters to develop for this book. And when it comes to drawing, there’s no two ways about it; villains are just more fun!

As I was working on the sketches for this character, I came up with a few candidate names, which included Shungaaala, Tuuunga, Ooonga, Sooonga, and Rooonga. Well, you can see I was going for a hard “g” sound. In the end, I decided to call her “Shuuunga.” (And, yes, Ungers must have three vowels in each of their names.)

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