I ate poo (dough)

Poo dough

I decided to celebrate my last full day in Korea by eating one of the strangest “street treats” I’ve ever encountered. It’s called “Poo Dough” and is essentially a pancake on a stick, but—here’s the kicker—in the shape of a giant blob of poo. Ah, but that’s not all! Each poo dough is stuffed with Korean black bean paste to help emphasize . . . well, er . . . you get the point.

Trust me, this is not a case of cultural misinterpretation. The poo dough packaging makes it all explicitly clear . . .

My final word on the subject is that poo dough is delicious. In fact, I will confess I ate three of them.

3 thoughts on “I ate poo (dough)

  1. That’s sorta cool, but I wouldn’t want to eat it. the instructions are extremely…um…weird.

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