Even in Korea, you can get your geek on

I spent today in Seoul with my teaching partner, Kallie George, doing a bit of shopping and just stretching our legs. I always love to go to Insadong, the famous market street, so that I can partake in poo dough (see my post from my last trip to to Seoul), and visit some of my favourite stores.

I’ve been to Insadong many times, but this time I stumbled upon a type of toy museum that I somehow have missed in the past. I only wish my friend James McCann had been with me—he would have loved it! Just check out these photos!

Toy museum.

Toy museum Insadong.

Darth Maul statue in the toy museum.

Earlier in the day, we breakfasted at a cute café near Insadong that was filled with antique furniture and knick-knacks. Just check out some of the colours that played upon the walls:


The café also had a wood-burning stove, and we huddled close to it, craving the warmth. See, while in Seoul, we’ve been staying in an old traditional house and while it has been a very neat experience, we’ve also found it very cold. You sleep in a small room on a mattress on the floor and the only heat comes from beneath the floor. So it’s rather like camping. The bathroom is also in a separate chamber and you have to go outside to reach it.

Here’s a picture of my room (yes, even Korea, I don’t make my bed).

My bedroom in the traditional house.

Here’s the lane leading up to the house, which is over one hundred and fifty years old.


Finally, here’s a snapshot of the courtyard.


It was quite picturesque this morning. I slid open my door to see wet snow drifting down around the crooked pine. It was a moment of magic!


2 thoughts on “Even in Korea, you can get your geek on

  1. That sounds great! The hotel looks cool too!

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