A Parliament of Cats

Readers of Kendra Kandlestar know all about the Elder Stone and the Council of Elders. Well, yesterday, I toured around Canada’s version of the Elder Stone — Parliament Hill. As enamored as I was with the architecture and history of  these beautiful grounds (more on that in future posts) what completely fascinated me were the cats.

Yes, the cats.

Or, to be more precise, the Parliamentary Cats. This is essentially a group of stray cats who live in a sanctuary next to the Parliament buildings. No one owns them—they essentially live free and wild, hanging out in a sort of cat hotel. They seem a pretty happy bunch and two thoughts occurred to me as watched them laze in the sun and soak up attention from the visitors.

One, my cat would LOVE this place.

Two, how come no one has written a children’s book about these cats yet?

5 thoughts on “A Parliament of Cats

  1. The Parliamentary Cats’ sanctuary has been improved over the years. I recall there used to be a very rickety building for them back in my high school days when my friends and I would close out an evening out by walking past the sanctuary on our way to the staircase that led down to the path by the river.

    It does seem strange there’s no children’s book about them.

    So? When do you start your brainstorming?

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