Villainfest in Ottawa

Queen KrakeNo, this isn’t a political rant! I’m in the beautiful city of Ottawa all this week to visit local schools and teach my “Villains” workshop at the MASC Conference.

I’ve been teaching this villains workshop a lot lately, but I never tire of it. I’m getting a lot of questions about the villains in my own books and had an interesting one the other day. If the big bad villain in the first book was Rumor the Red Dragon, the second one the Door to Unger, and the third one was Queen Krake . . . then who will it be in the fourth Kendra Kandlestar book?

Well, I’m not sure I can reveal that yet! But I can say that this is a different sort of Kendra Kandlestar book. Perhaps it breaks the mold a bit . . . but in a way I’m sure you will love! The only thing I can tell you is that this book has its share of villains. You’ll get your dose of Burdock Brown, Captain Rinkle, Agent Lurk . . . and even that gargantuan chicken lizard, Queen Krake!

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