Just One More Book

The Wild OatI had a real treat last night. I went out to “The Wild Oat,” the cafe in Ottawa where so many of the episodes of Just One More Book, that excellent podcast about children’s books, were recorded. Not only that, I got to break bread with the creators: Mark Blevis, Andrea Ross, and their two wonderful daughters, Lucy and Bayla.

I had presented that morning at Lucy and Bayla’s school and for some reason, Lucy’s class didn’t get to join in. I think Lucy was a little bummed, but luckily, I had my laptop with me, so I gave her a repeat performance right there in the cafe.  And, because she begged, begged, begged, I showed her a few sneak peaks of Kendra Kandlestar IV. Well, I owed it to Lucy—she’s been a special part of Kendra Kandlestar for a long time.

You see, Just One More Book reviewed Kendra Kandlestar and the Box of Whispers when it first came out, and have been such champions of my braided heroine. In fact, they’ve done countless interviews and reviews of the books, and there’s no doubt in my mind that part of Kendra’s success is due to them. I still cherish the beautiful comments that Lucy and Bayla sent me after reading Box of Whispers (in fact, I published them at the back of The Door to Unger).

Well, after dinner at the Wild Oat, we ended back up at the Blevis-Ross house, where we whittled away many an hour talking about all of our favourite books. What a fabulous night!

2 thoughts on “Just One More Book

  1. That was a particularly great night because it was the first time we went out to dinner as a family since just before Andrea started her chemo. Thank you for sharing that celebration with us.

    We had an amazing time learning about your creative process, being exposed to teasers of the next book and chatting about favourite children’s books. We could do that with you anytime. So… when are you moving to Ottawa?

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