Crafting characters and kingdoms at the Children’s Art Festival in Richmond

Last week was a busy one. In between working on my own projects, I delivered a series of creative writing workshops for the Children’s Art Festival in Richmond, BC. Kids of all ages attended the festival, while selected classes from local schools came to my workshop room to learn some of my top techniques for creating heroes, villains, and kingdoms.

Each of these workshops comes with a fun quiz to help warm up the students to the topic. I’m happy to report that three students failed the Quiz of Villainy. It’s hard to fail—and rare!

Below, are some pictures from the week, showing off some of the brainstorming done by the imaginative students. The Children’s Arts Festival will be back in 2016! Find out more here.

* * *

Designing crests for our kingdoms

Before the students could work on their final design, I had them brainstorm multiple concepts on a worksheet. I was pleased to see the students invest some time in this important phase of the creative process.

rcaf2015_crests01 rcaf2015_crests02 rcaf2015_crests03 rcaf2015_crests04 rcaf2015_crests05 rcaf2015_crests06 rcaf2015_crests07 rcaf2015_crests08 rcaf2015_crests09

Heroic characters

The worksheet for this workshop isn’t so much about building a character profile, but about brainstorming different ideas for a heroic character. I really encourage the students to put aside their erasers and just create.

rcaf2015_hero01 rcaf2015_hero02 rcaf2015_hero03 rcaf2015_hero04 rcaf2015_hero05

Villainous Characters

Similar to the hero workshop, this class involves brainstorming, as opposed to creating a finalized character profile.

rcaf2015_villain01 rcaf2015_villain02 rcaf2015_villain03 rcaf2015_villain04 rcaf2015_villain05 rcaf2015_villain06


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