Just in time for Halloween . . .

I’ve helped kids produce dozens and dozens of little monsters in bottles this year in my creative writing workshops, but it’s such a fun activity, especially leading up to Halloween, that I decided to do it two last times for this year. Besides, it is such great inspiration for stories!

So, here are a few more photos of monsters, all ready to be hatched. In addition to the normal fangs, eyeballs, and fur, I was also able to find some glow-in-the-dark larvae . . . see if you can spot them in some of the bottles!

cwc_lv_monsterbottle09 cwc_lv_monsterbottle08 cwc_lv_monsterbottle07 cwc_lv_monsterbottle06 cwc_lv_monsterbottle05 cwc_lv_monsterbottle04 cwc_lv_monsterbottle03 cwc_lv_monsterbottle02 cwc_lv_monsterbottle01 cwc_coq_monsterbottle09 cwc_coq_monsterbottle08 cwc_coq_monsterbottle07 cwc_coq_monsterbottle06 cwc_coq_monsterbottle05 cwc_coq_monsterbottle04 cwc_coq_monsterbottle03 cwc_coq_monsterbottle02 cwc_coq_monsterbottle01

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