Inspiration at the Great Wall

The Magic CurtainMany of you young adventurers out there are familiar with the grandest of all walls that surrounds the Land of Een—the magic curtain that protects that tiny place from the outside world.

Well, it has been a dream of mine to go visit a great wall that exists in our world; as a matter of fact, the Great Wall. I’m talking about the one in China, that stretches some 6,000-plus kilometers. This week, my dream came true—and it did not disappoint.

For me, great inspiration comes from visiting the wonders of the ancient world. There is no doubt that climbing the worn and weathered stone steps of the Great Wall of China fuelled both my spirit and my imagination. As I gazed out upon the landscape and watched the wall twisting and winding, seemingly forever, I could not help to think about what will happen in Kendra Kandlestar’s fifth book. Yes, I said fifth. But I guess I better finish the fourth one first . . .

The Great Wall.

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