Street Meat – Beijing Style

For those of you who follow the Authors Like Us podcast, you will know that my podcasting partner James McCann is on a mission to sample street meat in each new city he visits.

Well, James is one lucky fellow, because I found myself in the markets of Beijing without him. If he had been with me, I would have harangued him into sampling Scorpion on a Stick. Or, perhaps, a Millipede Munchie. Maybe even a Larvae Lollipop. If he was feeling really strong of heart, I might have convinced him to try a Lizard Delight.

Okay, I confess—I made up those names. In Beijing, I think they just call them “dessert.” But, I have to tell you, the thing that really made my skin crawl was the fact that the scorpions were still alive and wriggling.

Needless to say, I did NOT have dessert that night. But James—you would have.

Beijing Street Meat


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