This is why I’m so slow at drawing

There’s more than one kid who will tell you I’m slow at writing. As far as they’re concerned, it takes me eons to finish a Kendra book. They’re right, of course. Well, in my defense, I’m just as slow at drawing.

Problem is, I like to redo stuff. And when it comes to writing, that’s easy. You can always just change a word here or there.

In the world of illustration, it’s slightly different. Sometimes I can make some digital edits after I’ve scanned the drawing into the computer, but sometimes I get so frustrated with a piece I just want to start over from scratch.

Like with the picture I just finished.

When it came time to depict one of the most important scenes in the book—the Een festival known as Jamboreen—I knew I wanted a drawing bursting with characters and carnival excitement. I started with a thumbnail sketch:

Jamboreen - thumbnail

I then produced a more detailed pencil drawing:

Jamboreen - pencil drawing

At last, I did a final illustration in ink:

Jamboreen - first version

Problem is, I didn’t like it. So I redid it. This was much to an amusement of one of my best friends, Alex Walton. See, even though he himself is a very talented artist with a keen eye (in fact, you should check out his website RIGHT NOW), he couldn’t see much significant difference between my first version and my final version:

Jamboreen - final illustration

Well, I’ve seen Alex fret over the tiniest detail in a painting, so I’m not sure what gives him the right to mock me in this instance. And besides, maybe YOU can spot the differences.

Well, it doesn’t matter. I’m finished the illustration now. Hmm. Unless . . .

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