Playful poems of characters at play

For Day 3 at my CBIS writing camp in Seoul, we focused on character.

One project was to develop well-rounded characters to go with the Too Much Tales that we started the day before. We did this by exploring many examples of famous characters from books and movies, and then created detailed character profiles.

Here are some photos of some of them in progress . . .

cbis-characerprofile01 cbis-characerprofile02 cbis-characerprofile03 cbis-characerprofile04 cbis-characerprofile05 cbis-characerprofile06 cbis-characerprofile07 cbis-characerprofile08

The other project we had fun with was taking an existing character from books, fairtyales, and movies and imagining what they might be doing in their “off hours.” The students then drew their chosen characters in those scenes and wrote short poems about them.

Here’s some of their scenes and poems in progress . . .

cbis_playfulpoem02 cbis_playfulpoem03 cbis_playfulpoem04 cbis_playfulpoem05 cbis_playfulpoem06 cbis_playfulpoem07 cbis_playfulpoem08 cbis_playfulpoem09