Activities for kids: What will hatch out of these eggs?

I’m posting my latest activity for all of us kids big and small sticking around the house this weekend. Around here, we are busy painting eggs for our annual dragon egg hunt (and you can, too—see my post here), but this activity is a simple one to fill in some time!

It’s pretty self-explanatory! Just download the sheet here:

WS-What will hatch out of these eggs

Stay safe, stay well, and stay tuned for more activities!

Would you survive a safari?

Rhino Safari.As part of a character-building activity I’m leading for this week’s Safari-themed writing camp, I prepared a short quiz to help my students imagine if they would survive a safari.

How about YOU? Would you survive? Take the test below!


1. Your Safari nickname is:

a. Max / Maxine Power

b. Dinner

c. Jungle Boy / Jungle Girl

d. Professor Picklebottom


2. If you fell into a pit of snakes, piranhas, spiders, and Amazon fire ants you would:

a. A semi-automatic rifle

b. Pee your pants

c. Carefully make your way out of the pit without harming any of the creatures

d. Take a guidebook and try to identify the various species of creatures trying to eat you


3. Your trusty sidekick on safari is:

a. A semi-automatic rifle

b. Already dead; he fell in quicksand three miles back

c. Ookaba the elephant

d. Your stuffed teddy


4. As you traipse through the jungle, you are known to call out:

a. “Ready, aim, shoot!”

b. “Of course these mushrooms are safe to eat. Look, I’m eating them right n—”

c. Various whistles and growls to speak to your animal friends

d. “Pip, pip, cheerio—off on safari, here we go!”


5. When you are on safari, you are known to wear:

a. A robe made out of the hides of tigers, lions, and baby elephants

b. What!? We were supposed to pack clothes?

c. A simple outfit you made yourself from jungle leaves

d. The latest brand name fashions—you want to look good in those safari photos


6. If you had to cross a dangerous jungle and could take only one item, it would be:

a. A bulldozer to mow down that friggin’ jungle

b. A change of underwear

c. Who needs special items—I rely on my jungle instincts

d. A survival kit


7. You encounter a tiger in the jungle and you:

a. Take out your rifle and shoot it

b. Call, “Here, kitty, kitty, kitty”

c. Gaze at in awe from the back of your elephant friend

d. Try to creep closer so that you can pluck a hair from its tail without disturbing it


8. On safari,, you plan to eat:

a. Roast baby elephant, lion cub livers, and the eggs of endangered birds

b. By ordering from the take out menu you brought along

c. Fruit, seeds, fish and even bugs: anything the jungle humbly offers you

d. A tin of vanilla pudding


9. Your preferred camping spot is:

a. The back of your jeep with your leopard skin sleeping bag

b. A giant rocky mound; it has many holes in it, so will be nice and breezy

c. The nook of a tree

d. That nice green log floating at the edge of the river


10. The reason why you are on safari is:

a. To hunt and kill anything that moves

b. Tickets were cheap and the mall was closed

c. To protect the creatures of the jungle from poachers

d. To collect information for the Society for the Protection of Rare Species


Good luck! I’ll post the answers in a future post!