Life on Planet Marce: Ghosts Could Still Get Us

Life on Planet Marce

Since my wife are traveling in the United Kingdom, we decided to do an on-location podcast.

Episode 7: Ghosts Could Still Get Us

Episode 7 of our podcast features our ongoing conversation about ghosts, but after we had visited a haunted pub in the city of York, and taken a “ghost hunt” tour.

The Golden Fleece pub is reputedly one of the most haunted places in York and was even featured on the British television show “Most Haunted.” So we were determined to visit it to see if it could enlighten our ongoing arguments about ghosts.

There are many newspaper clippings decorating the pub, chronicling the history of ghostly visits to the place. Marcie enjoyed the little sign post on the door.


I was more enamored with the customer sitting at the bar. It seemed like he had been there a while, so I thought he could tell me a story or two. But he turned out to be a rather empty bloke.


The entire episode isn’t about ghosts, though. We also talk about how inspiring it is to visit in such an important place in the history of literary and theatrical arts. You can listen to the episode at the link above, or subscribe to us on iTunes.


Life on Planet Marce: Ghosts Could Get Us

Life on Planet Marce

After a hiatus, I’ve finally posted the latest episode of the podcast I do with my wife, Life on Planet Marce.

Episode 6: Ghosts Could Get Us

In this episode we talk about our busy spring, writing and traveling (me) and acting (Marcie).

Then, for some reason, we end up arguing about ghosts, which is sparked by the story Marcie tells of the time she “felt” a ghost in our suite in Italy. Here’s the photo of our lovely honeymoon suite:


Doesn’t look very spectral, if you ask me.

In any case, if you listen to the podcast, you’ll certainly hear my long rant. I’m pretty famous for my rants, and, honestly, I think Marcie just gets a lot of  amusement out of poking the bear . . .

By the way, if you enjoy what we do on this podcast, please subscribe. (In either case, we’ll keep arguing . . . but you just might miss some of the good stuff!)

Life on Planet Marce: Losing our Way

Life on Planet MarceI’ve just posted the latest episode of Life on Planet Marce, the podcast my wife and I have started to chronicle  life as a married couple working in the arts. We actually recorded this episode in the car while being lost on the way back from our friend’s house.

While we try to find our way home, we talk about some of our biggest artistic achievements of 2014 and argue over who is the most like Sherlock Holmes. I discuss the inspiration I discovered during our trip to Europe . . . here’s a picture to go with the episode: me in front of a very cool window at the Louvre.

Lee at Louvre

Introducing Life on Planet Marce

Life on Planet MarceAnyone who has met my lovely wife Marcie knows that she is beautiful, kind, talented . . . and quirky! After a lot of pestering from some of our friends, we decided to start a podcast that will try to capture her personality, as well as our ongoing discussions about the highs and lows of working in the arts. Since Marcie is an actress and voice-over actress, I’m an author and illustrator, and we both do a lot of specialized arts-education, we feel we have a lot to talk about.

We hope that people find our podcast humorous, fun, and a bit informative. Two episodes are currently posted and we’ll be adding more soon.

Please check it out at and consider subscribing on iTunes.

Authors Like Us – Sarah Prineas

Authors Like Us

Sarah PrineasAuthors Like Us is back, and we’re starting Season 2 with a bang! We are so thrilled to present an interview with fantasy author Sarah Prineas, creator of The Magic Thief series.

I’ve taught The Magic Thief to several classes, so I was particularly interested in gaining insight into Sarah’s creative process and to discover just what makes her tick!

The Magic ThiefYou can listen to the podcast at the Authors Like Us web page, or subscribe for free on iTunes (please do!).

And stay tuned for some of our other great Season 2 shows, featuring the likes of Frieda Wishinsky and Vikki Van Sickle.

The Force is strong with me

But origami is not:

My origami Darth Paper

Today I had the wonderful experience of having breakfast with my podcast partner James McCann and Tom Angleberger, the author of The Origami Yoda books.

Tom is in my backyard to celebrate his new book Darth Paper Strikes Back and since we’ve previously connected with Tom to interview him for Authors Like Us, we seized the opportunity to geek it up over pancakes and bacon.

Little did I know that the wise and all-knowing Tom was going to put us to work, teaching James and I how to construct our very own origami Darth Papers. Tom is so effervescent that he actually soon had the waitress and the patrons in the neigbouring booth clamoring to see what was going on.

I have to say that my Darth Paper looks more like he lost a fight with a paper towel. But on the plus side, I was able to make the folds without lighting the restaurant on fire (yes, I am that clumsy; it could happen).

Here’s a photo of the three of us. Look closely and you will see the groovy retro Star Wars record tote box that Tom uses to house all of his origami supplies.

James, Lee, and Tom.

Look, there’s no two ways about it. If you ever get a chance to attend one of Tom’s events—then do it! He’s a wonderful person and his love for origami (and Star Wars) simply oozes out of him.

He’s appearing TODAY for Kidsbooks in Vancouver. Snap up those last tickets and go. And may the Force be with you. Always.