The Spell Sweeper Code of Conduct: Rule #10

Here is the next rule from the Code of Conduct, as described in Spell Sweeper, my latest middle-grade novel, with commentary by the main character Cara Moone.


(Do as I say, not as I bespell)

Rule #10

Do not attempt a purge if a magical creature is in the vicinity. If in doubt, summon the local wizard authority. 

(You guessed it!)


Yep, Cara has opinions. And some issues with authority (unless, SHE is the authority, then it’s all good). 

My own dealings with wizards are limited, but I did once visit a castle full of them and you can see my photo of them idly standing around chit-chatting while a cart full of brooms sits nearby, begging to be swept into action.

Spell Sweeper is available now in hardbound, digital, and audiobook formats from your favorite outlet.

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