The Spell Sweeper Code of Conduct: Rule #8

Here is the next rule from the Code of Conduct, as described in Spell Sweeper, my latest middle-grade novel, with commentary by the main character Cara Moone.


(Do as I say, not as I bespell)

Rule #8

Do not be seen, heard, or smelled. 

(They should add “tasted” to this list, because I’m not even a real spell sweeper yet, and I’ve already been nearly eaten twice.)


If you’ve read Spell Sweeper, then you know Cara runs into a dangerous “mouth-thingy” in the fabric of magic—followed soon after by an angry mama squix. That encounter? Well it’s a bit of a train wreck. 😉

As for me, I have never met a squix or a mouth-thingy in real-life. Though you can swipe to see the time I once faced off against an ornery orc.

Spell Sweeper is available now in hardbound, digital, and audiobook formats from your favorite outlet.


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