The Spell Sweeper Code of Conduct: Rule #6

Here is the next rule from the Code of Conduct, as described in Spell Sweeper, my latest middle-grade novel, with commentary by the main character Cara Moone.


(Do as I say, not as I bespell)

Rule #6

Do not wander off on your own during a purge of a contaminated site.

(Spoken like a true wizard who has never actually had to deal with the results of a Magical Occurrence. The debris from a wizard’s duel can be strewn across a six-mile radius.)


FYI, most wizards require a talisman to amplify their innate magical ability. Common talismans used in Spell Sweeper are wands, amulets, or rings, but they can be anything. There’s a story that Riva Dragonsong (the founder of Cara’s school) once used a wet noodle to repel an entire horde of hydras. Swipe to see some talismans (sorry, no noodles featured).

Spell Sweeper is available now in hardbound, digital, and audiobook formats from your favorite outlet.


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