The Spell Sweeper Code of Conduct: Rule #5

Here is the next rule from the Code of Conduct, as described in Spell Sweeper, my latest middle-grade novel, with commentary by the main character Cara Moone.


(Do as I say, not as I bespell)

Rule #5

Trim your broom after each spell sweep. If an untrimmed broom is used on a different site, it could result in DDo not leave your gear unattended in Bliss areas. This includes when visiting the bathroom.

(Which is convenient if you have contracted Demon Orc Flu and have a sudden bout of magical diarrhea—you can just whip out your broom and make quick work of the mess.)


FYI, non-wizards are called “Blisses” because they are ignorant to the existence of wizards and, as the saying goes, “ignorance is bliss.” Also, swipe to see some of the essential spell sweeper gear: goggles, mini-broom, and some “neutralizer”—in this case, it’s a bottle of “Moone Brew,” Cara’s self-made solution to combating toxic spell slime.

Spell Sweeper is available now in hardbound, digital, and audiobook formats from your favorite outlet.


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