The Spell Sweeper Code of Conduct: Rule #4

Here is the next rule from the Code of Conduct, as described in Spell Sweeper, my latest middle-grade novel, with commentary by the main character Cara Moone.


(Do as I say, not as I bespell)

Rule #4

Trim your broom after each spell sweep. If an untrimmed broom is used on a different site, it could result in Do NOT keep any broom straw contaminated with spell dust for personal use. All residue must be deposited in the appropriate receptacles.

(I mean, haven’t we all pined to keep just a little bit of that gray gunge we find at the bottom of the mop bucket?)


As you can read, Cara considers herself the Cinderella of the wizarding society—and she’s none too happy about it!

Spell Sweeper is available now in hardbound, digital, and audiobook formats from your favorite outlet.

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