Happy birthday to SPELL SWEEPER

Today, my new middle-grade fantasy book SPELL SWEEPER officially comes out with HarperCollins Children’s Books. A particularly big thank you to my agent Rachel Letofsky, my editor Stephanie Stein, and to the wonderful cover art by Maike Plenzke (I feel like I won the lottery)!

Spell Sweeper is my tenth MG novel. Hard to believe, and I’m grateful and humbled by all the support from readers, teachers, librarians, and fellow kidlit creators.It’s been my honor to have worked with so many kids—thousands of them—in classrooms and libraries all around the world, sometimes via technology, sometimes right on site (I’ll never forget the monsoon in Bangkok!). 

I am so grateful for every review, rating, letter, email, fan art, photo of a fan in a costume, and acknowledgement or nudge of encouragement along the way. I could have never done it alone. Do I have another ten books in me? I’ll keep you apprised!

Even though Spell Sweeper is my tenth book, it’s very different from any other I’ve written. This isn’t simply because it’s written in first-person present tense, but because it’s the most personal, drawing on some of my own insecurities I experienced as a kid (well, who am I fooling; I still experience them). These are the same insecurities that I see in so many of the young people in my life. It’s a burning desire to be something better—coupled with the fear that you simply aren’t good enough . . . and what that will mean for your place in the world.

I hope Spell Sweeper takes you on a fun ride, but that it also shows you the beloved story of a chosen hero who must face the darkness from a different perspective. We are all significant!

Spell Sweeper is available at your favorite retailer as a hardback, digital, or audio book. Check out order links HERE.

And, hey, if you want to know some top ways to support authors (without buying their books), then check out a previous post.


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