Here are some angels for you on this day, found on the handles of this door in Seoul. This door led to my heart’s desire—COFFEE! You’ve probably read a book where the author described the door flying open . . . well, this one may literally do so with these two winged souls minding the entrance!

By the way, in Korea, coffee is an evening thing, NOT a morning thing, as is the case in North America. When I go to the coffee shop first thing in the morning in Seoul, I usually have the entire place to myself!

I’m posting my door inspirations from around the world to celebrate the release of The Guardians of Zoone on February 25!

There are many types of coffee in the Zoone multiverse, but one of the most beloved hot beverages is Elandorian coffee, prized for its rich and invigorating flavors.

You can find order links for the books of Zoone HERE.


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