I happened upon this door knocker inside Holy Trinity Church at Stratford-upon-Avon (where William Shakespeare is buried) back in 2015. It leers out with a vacant stare, its chiseled teeth visible as it clenches the knocker in its mouth . . . in other words, in court be a character straight out of one of Shakespeare’s plays.

My wife kept beckoning me to gaze upon Shakespeare’s burial site, but I was very distracted by the door knocker, so kept taking photos.

“Shakespeare’s not going anywhere,” I told her.

“Neither is your door knocker,” she replied.





There are many Shakespeare-related sites in Stratford, of course, and we saw many of them, but this is the best door I found in the area!

I’m posting my door inspirations from around the world to celebrate the release of The Guardians of Zoone on February 25! 🚪🗝️

You can find order links for the books of Zoone HERE.


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