This gateway is from the castle district in Budapest, a beautiful double-door I found on our honeymoon in 2013.  It’s a double door, allowing either a person or a horse and carriage (now a car!) to go through. It’s been around, as you can see by its weathered and worn façade.






Many people ask me where my last name is from (a curiosity spurned by the umlaut)—well, it’s from Hungary! My grandfather immigrated to Canada in 1926, but his name was anglicized to “Fodey.” After I graduated from university, I legally changed it back to “Födi.”

I’m posting my door inspirations from around the world to celebrate releases of The Secret of Zoone (pb-Jan28) & The Guardians of Zoone (Feb25)

Many of the doors that lead to and from Zoone are also worn and weathered. The condition of a door gives an indication of the status of the world beyond.

Purchase and preorder links for both Zoone books can be found HERE.


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