Today’s door of the day is a secret one, found at Suwon, Korea. The exterior wall jukes, which might have confused attackers to make them think that retreating defenders had vanished into the stones!

Suwon is a beautiful old walled city; you can walk that wall and see the old gazing solemnly upon the ever-encroaching modernity. I visited Suwon during my very first visit to Korea, back in 2007 (I’ve been more than 20 times since!), and I fell in love with it.







I’m posting my door inspirations from around the world to celebrate releases of The Secret of Zoone (paperback – January 28) and The Guardians of Zoone (February 25). There are many secret doors at Zoone Station, concealed in the walls to provide shortcuts or paths to forbidden chambers. In fact, Ozzie and Fidget will find one such door during their attempt to rescue an important member of their crew in The Guardians of Zoone.

Purchase and preorder links for both Zoone books can be found HERE.



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