The door of the day is a doorway without a door, a portal perhaps, located in one of the beautiful temples at Tikal, Guatemala.


I’m posting my door inspirations from around the world to celebrate releases of The Secret of Zoone (paperback – January 28) and The Guardians of Zoone (February 25).

We explored the site—then, once the sun began to set, we climbed to the top of one temple to watch the sky burn orange and listen to the cacophony of howler monkeys erupt from the junglescape. I’m not sure how we climbed down those steps in the faint light—you will notice that the Ancient Mayans did not have railings as part of their building codes.




My friend and I got lost in the jungle on the way back to our cabins and a jaguarundi darted across our path. EEK!

By the way, Tikal is also famous for being Yavin Base in Star Wars.

Purchase and preorder links for both Zoone books can be found HERE.


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