It’s a jungle out there: the scene of the crime at Safari camp


As part of the creative writing camp I’m currently teaching with authors Kallie George and Dan Bar-el in Korea, we created a scene in the “jungle” where some hapless safari explorers met their demise.

The idea behind the activity is to let the kids come examine the site and then imagine what  occurred. Here’s some photos, showing cannibal spears, a hand reaching out from a quicksand pool, a scattered treasure, and a mysterious egg . . .





Of course, Korea in the summer is super hot, so no one had to imagine the blistering temperatures of a safari adventure. Add to that grasshopper, millipedes, and swarms of ants, and we really had ourselves quite a scene!

After the students were done examining the area and taking notes, it was back to the classroom to ruminate upon their findings and craft a short story.


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