A fretful final day in the Peace River region


I just finished wrapping up my week at Charlie Lake Elementary near Fort St. John in northern British Columbia. It ended up being a fairly eventful last day, since the school is right on the perimeter of a zone that is on alert for fire evacuation. All week long we’ve been watching the disheartening scenes of the blaze that has swept through the Fort McMurray area in neighbouring Alberta and caused the evacuation of tens of thousands of people; those images are etched firmly in our minds as we consider the threat in this region.

As the school day spiralled to a close today, we had many frantic announcements and kids scrambling to leave early so that they could be with their families in case of the sudden need to evacuate. The photo above shows the view yesterday of the fire that began in the area north of the school; this is the area that is now under evacuation alert.

These serious and imminent dangers seem to make my week of magical activities at the school feel a bit frivolous, so I’ll make a post about my main over-arching project at a future date. For now, I just hope this community escapes the threat unscathed.

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