Toy Story: Taking inspiration from our favourite objects

I’m currently in Fort St. John, British Columbia, working at Charlie Lake Elementary as a writer-in-residence. I’ve been to this school several times before, so am quite at home here—this time, more than ever, since I get to stay in this cozy Mexican-themed room at the librarian’s house.


It’s as if they knew my favourite color was orange . . .

As part of my residency, I’m working with each and every grade from K-7. After doing a general school presentation to over 400 students, I went to with the kindergarten class. I decided I’d tackle the subject of stories from a subject that is near and dear to them: Toys!


So, taking inspiration from our favourite objects, we created magical toy shelves, populated with all sorts of playthings. Of course, ONE of the toys on the shelf is slightly more special than the others . . . and that, of course, is just the type of thing that can lead to a story.

Here are some of the shelves designed by the kids . . .


As you can see, there all sorts of ideas popping off the pages. Tomorrow, I’m set to work with the grade 4s and 5s.


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