New Year’s Eve in Seoul

After wrapping up a creative writing camp in Yangpyeong, my wife and I have taken a few days to explore Korea. Even though I have been here several times, this is only my wife’s second time.

We spent a marvellous New Year’s Eve in Seoul, exploring the Jongno district, which is full of neon lights and spectacles on the best of times, let alone December 31st.



Afterwards, we decided to escape the hubbub and descended down to Cheonggyecheon, which is a beautiful public walkway that weaves along the stream. It’s sunken down below the sidewalks, so helps you feel like you’ve escaped the city. I’ve been along it many times before, but never on New Year’s Eve—I was absolutely amazed by the sights.

To begin with, the display of lights was truly magical. For a while, we just walked along in a trance.



Then, of course, Marcie began . . . well, being Marcie. Which means having a lot of fun playing and posing with all the displays.




Well, I guess I did, too! Next, we came across a section where families and couples were building paper lanterns, writing messages on them, and setting them down the river. These were so pretty to watch as they floated gently down the stream. There was no two ways about it—we wanted to make one.

And so we did . . .


In a future post, I’ll write about our trip to Gyeongbokgung Palace.



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