More costuming characters


I’m continuing my artist-in-residence at a local school, helping a Grade 5/6 class create heroic characters through drawing, writing, and prop building.

In week 2, we began the process of building props for the characters and designing costumes. The students really embraced this project. When I came in for my third week, I saw all sorts of wonderful designs. One student even used an old doll to make a mannequin for her character’s costume.


Another student brought in a model car and sunglasses that he will use as part of his display for his hot-rodding character (he added a few of the character’s tools in the trunk).


You can see other examples of the students’ brainstorming in the photos below, including interesting key props and some character designs.


In Workshop 3, I taught the students some illustration techniques to help them with their drawings. Their task is to create a model sheet showcasing different expressions of their characters and to also draw their heroes in one key pose.

This has proved to be a challenging part of the project, mostly because of the patience involved. I’ll have to continue working with them next week on this illustration part of the project.

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