“Inspircation” Day 11: In the Land of Leprechauns


I wrote that title for this posting with a bit of cheek, only because one of the first signs I saw once we arrived in Dublin was the one above!

Not much to report for today’s inspircation. Mostly, it was a travel day, driving from Bath to Bristol then taking a quick flight to Dublin, where we’ll spend the next few days. We did manage to get lost quite a bit on the drive to the Bristol airport, but in our defence, we came to several roundabouts where the signage for the airport just simply seemed to disappear, so we had to intuit our way there. And intuit we did, and eventually managed to drop the car off with plenty of time to spare. Turns out that I dinged up the rear left hubcap of the car and was walloped with a hefty damage penalty. I guess it was all those narrow roads in the Cotswolds.

In any case, these are the types of bumps in the road that you have to shrug off when you’re on a long trip. We made our way into the airport with all of our luggage and both Marcie and I enjoyed some writing time while waiting for our flight. (I have a project due in October, so I’ve been trying to squeak in some writing time here and there as we go along.)

As for Ireland, it is my first time in this wonderful country, and it is definitely distinctive. The signs are in both Gaelic and English and I’m hoping the people are speaking both, too, because I can’t seem to understand half of what is said on the street. But that’s okay—the people here are so wonderfully friendly that you can’t help but to be warmed by their spirit. The taxi driver who took us to our hotel had us all laughing with his jokes and stories within a minute.

We’ve only been here for a few hours, and my mom has already been hit on twice. I asked her the last time she had been hit on twice in one day and she just stared at me blankly.

Well, after getting to our hotel, we quickly got settled and hit the neighbourhood for a bit of a walk.


We found a store front showcasing Star Wars—I’ve been reading that it’s “Force Friday” and that they’ve launched lots of merchandise today in advance of the upcoming movie. I salivated over some of the new action figures in the window, but the store was closed. Just as well; I was just as happy to take this photo in front of the window art:


We then came upon a local pub and while we were reading the menu at the door one of the patrons told us that the fish had just come off the boat yesterday and that we’d better try it. So we did (at least I did anyway; mom had cottage pie and Marcie had lamb schtew (that’s “stew” in our vernacular, but we were educated by the barkeep in the correct Irish pronunciation).


To my mom’s great delight, they had bread pudding on the menu. Her own mom used to make it when she was a kid and she’s been looking for it everywhere in the UK. At last, she found it in Ireland, and even though she was stuffed from dinner, she ordered it and wolfed it down in a heartbeat.

We’re really looking forward to exploring the city in more depth tomorrow. In particular, I’m thrilled to see that the Writer’s Museum is just outside our window; I think I could hit it with a rock. So we’ll definitely be checking that out during our stay.

I didn’t get much chance to discover any doors today, but here’s one from the down the road, show casing a pair of regal knockers.


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