Dream Workshop ~ book covers from Spring 2015

I thought I would post some more book covers created by my students from the Coquitlam class of CWC Dream Workshop.

This class was co-taught with author Stacey Matson (check out her great series, which begins with A Year in the Life of a Total and Complete Genius).

What a gamut of topics and genres created by our students!

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Looking “Under the Egg” ~ a book review

Under the EggUnder the Egg by Laura Marx Fitzgerald
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m always on the lookout for middle-grade books that relate to the arts, partly because I just love stories about this subject, but also because I teach a creative writing class in which the students take inspiration from art history. This book is a perfect fit. It is compared to E.L. Konisburg’s The Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler or Blue Balliett’s Chasing Vermeer, and those comparisons are apt, though this book also reminded me of a wonderful book by Matt Chaming called The Medici Curse, since they both involve a painting beneath a painting.

I loved the setting in this book and the unlikely friendship that develops between Theo and Bodhi. In particular, I liked Theo’s character growth as she moves from being isolated and introverted to more open and worldly.

I did find the plot wraps up a bit too neatly by the end—but that is a minor complaint. There is much to recommend this book otherwise.

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Introducing my students’ books

Introducing my students’ books


One of the great things about the creative writing program I teach is that we careful mentor our students in the creation of an actual book. Sure, we bombard them with inspiration and give them plenty of insights into how we mentors, published authors ourselves, create. But the greatest joy I find in this program is not in talking about how my own stories, but in seeing how their own ideas blossom into books that are printed with color covers, perfect bound spines, and professionally designed interiors.

Below are some of the book covers from my Vancouver class that took place in the Spring of 2015.

LEF_VAN_YolandaXu_Cover.indd LEF_VAN_SoohaKim_Cover.indd untitled LEF_VAN_JulieCheon_Cover.indd LEF_VAN_JennyPan_Cover.indd LEF_VAN_JenniferKim_Cover.indd LEF_VAN_JeffreyGuo_Cover.indd LEF_VAN_EmilyKim_Cover.indd untitled untitled untitled