One of the great things about the creative writing program I teach is that we careful mentor our students in the creation of an actual book. Sure, we bombard them with inspiration and give them plenty of insights into how we mentors, published authors ourselves, create. But the greatest joy I find in this program is not in talking about how my own stories, but in seeing how their own ideas blossom into books that are printed with color covers, perfect bound spines, and professionally designed interiors.

Below are some of the book covers from my Vancouver class that took place in the Spring of 2015.

LEF_VAN_YolandaXu_Cover.indd LEF_VAN_SoohaKim_Cover.indd untitled LEF_VAN_JulieCheon_Cover.indd LEF_VAN_JennyPan_Cover.indd LEF_VAN_JenniferKim_Cover.indd LEF_VAN_JeffreyGuo_Cover.indd LEF_VAN_EmilyKim_Cover.indd untitled untitled untitled


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