Shiver me timbers! Pirate flags from the creative writing camp!

I’m still in the midst of teaching a creative writing camp on the theme of pirates in Korea. This theme is so rich with fuel, and we’ve been having  a wonderful time inspiring the students for their stories. One of my favourite activities is designing flags. After leading the students through the history of pirate flags, we had each of them design one for the ships in their stories.

Here’s just a few of the designs they came up with . . .

piratecamp2015_flag11 piratecamp2015_flag10 piratecamp2015_flag09 piratecamp2015_flag08 piratecamp2015_flag07 piratecamp2015_flag06 piratecamp2015_flag05 piratecamp2015_flag04 piratecamp2015_flag03 piratecamp2015_flag02 piratecamp2015_flag01

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