Magic is in the air . . .

. . . but it doesn’t always smell very good! That’s certainly the case in my magic potions workshop, which I teach as part of my creative writing classes for kids at CWC. Because when you mix a spoonful of mummy dust, a squirt of troll snot, and a dash of envy’s curse . . . well the results can get explosive!

In truth, this class is really just my forum for teaching about the five senses and getting my young students to think about adding more detailed description into their writing. Nothing helps the imagination like experiencing! Here’s photos from my latest class.

cwcvan2015_potions01 cwcvan2015_potions02 cwcvan2015_potions03 cwcvan2015_potions04 cwcvan2015_potions05 cwcvan2015_potions06 cwcvan2015_potions08 cwcvan2015_potions12 cwcvan2015_potions11 cwcvan2015_potions10 cwcvan2015_potions07 cwcvan2015_potions09 cwcvan2015_potions13 cwcvan2015_potions14 cwcvan2015_potions15 cwcvan2015_potions16 cwcvan2015_potions17 cwcvan2015_potions18 cwcvan2015_potions19 cwcvan2015_potions20


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