TD Book Week Tour: Day 6 — Last Day!

Seven cities, six days, and hundreds of kids. The CCBC’s TD Book Week tour feels over in the blink of an eye. A GIANT eye.


The last day was a whirlwind of activity, as I navigated my way through unfamiliar streets in the downtown core of Toronto to two different schools (Holy Family Catholic School and St. Nicholas of Bari) and then, afterwards, raced to an important meeting. Yes, authors have meetings!

Some of my favourite questions from this last day (and my answers to them):

Question 1: “What are you going to write next?”
My answer: “You’ll just have to wait and see!”

Question 2: “Why don’t you write stories based on yourself?”
My answer: “Kendra IS me. Oki IS me. All my characters are me, in some way.”

Question 3: “Is Kendra real?”
My answer: “I can’t even begin to untangle the philosophical conundrums of that question.”

Here’s some photos of creations that bloomed from the minds of kids at the two Toronto schools on the last day of the tour.

hfcs_monster04 hfcs_monster03 hfcs_monster02 hfcs_monster01 stnicholas_monster04 stnicholas_monster03 stnicholas_monster02 stnicholas_monster01

By the end of it all, I felt a giant sense of elation! Not only because the tour was a success, but because I survived. It’s also kind of hard to come down at the end of it all. One minute, you’re in a library or gym full of mirthful kids in the act of creation, and the next it seems you’re in your quiet hotel room. Whenever I’m in those moments I feel torn between falling into bed and sleeping for a week, or finding a place to go dance the night away, just to keep that “high” going.

Needless to say, on this night, I opted for a quiet dinner and a restful sleep!

My heartfelt thanks to The Canadian Children’s Book Centre and all the librarians and school teachers who worked so hard to host me in Ontario for TD Book Week. I feel like I had the full gamut of experiences, from the farm kids in rural Ontario, to the urbanites in downtown Toronto. I loved working with all of the amazing kids, brainstorming creatures, plotting epic quests, and (hopefully) inspiring them to chase after their dreams no matter what obstacles (read: outhouses) that might stand in their way.


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