TD Book Week Tour: Day 4

Today was probably the most hectic on my TD Children’s Book Week Tour. I began the day in the town of Tillsonburg, and drove to Norwich where I presented to a group of Grades 2-6. I guess the Grade 2s were a surprise last-minute addition, but everyone was really accommodating so that we could squeeze them into the music room. A big crowd is better, anyway, for the brainstorming session I had planned, and I just hate the idea of turning away kids armed with pencil, paper, and imaginations! In any case, we all worked together to create this strange monster:


You have to love the name, which is a composite of three different suggestions. Of course, that creature is only the group monster. Each student all designed his or her own individual creature. I only managed to take photos of a couple of these, since I had to jump in the car and head off to the city of Hamilton.

emilystowe_02 emilystowe_01

My event in Hamilton was at the Westdale Branch of the Public Library. When I first walked in, I had a bit of a panic attack—a group of students was already in the room, and I thought I was late. But, as it turns out, they were just early and the teacher was reading aloud from Kendra Kandlestar and the Box of Whispers. I always enjoy hearing my characters’ voices read out by others! And it was also interesting hear them discuss the book as they went along. Of course, once they realized the author was in the room, their discussion pretty much turned to questions for me.

I spent one hour with them and then a second group came in from a different school. In both cases, I did the creature brainstorming again. Here are some of the photos:

hpl_00 hpl_07 hpl_06 hpl_05 hpl_04 hpl_03 hpl_02 hpl_01

After finishing the workshops at the Hamilton Public Library, I hit the road again and made the drive to Toronto. It’s the final city on the tour! Can’t wait tomorrows gaggle of young imagineers.


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