Picture book making with my creative writing students

This year my creative writing program for kids took on an ambitious task: to help our students write, illustrate, and design their own picture books. This has been a real monumental challenge, given that the kids in this particular class our aged 8-12. They’ve had to stick with one story for an entire 15-week program!

I’ve been handling the illustrative side of the class, while my teaching partner Kallie George has brought all of her expertise in writing and editing picture books to help the students develop their words.

I’ve been away from the class for the last few weeks visiting schools in Korea and Thailand, so I finally returned home to take a look at their projects. When I left, they had just finished developing picture book dummies and had started on character design. Now the students are in full illustration mode.

Here are some photos of their books in progress . . .

cwc-pb2015-alison01 cwc-pb2015-andrew01 cwc-pb2015-andrew02 cwc-pb2015-andrew03 cwc-pb2015-andrew04 cwc-pb2015-caleb01 cwc-pb2015-fiona01 cwc-pb2015-fiona02 cwc-pb2015-fiona03 cwc-pb2015-grace01 cwc-pb2015-grace02 cwc-pb2015-grace03 cwc-pb2015-jayda01 cwc-pb2015-jayda02 cwc-pb2015-jayda03 cwc-pb2015-jayda04 cwc-pb2015-jayda05 cwc-pb2015-jon01 cwc-pb2015-samantha01 cwc-pb2015-samantha02 cwc-pb2015-samantha03 cwc-pb2015-samantha04 cwc-pb2015-sarah01 cwc-pb2015-sarah02

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