Free style wand duelling at the Wizards’ Camp in Korea

One of the final, and most entertaining, projects I did at the CWC Wizards’ Camp in Korea was “Wand Duelling.” I’ve only done this a few times before, because it involves a lot of my brain power.

How it works is this . . .

The kids design and build their own wizardly wands and write rhyming couplets to attack me. They get to prepare their spells in advance, and then come onto the stage to attack me. I have to defend myself by responding to each couplet by using the same rhyme scheme. I can’t use any of the words they use.

A typical attack went something like this: Mr. Wiz, this is no joke; I’m going to cover you in gooey egg yolk. I then had to rhyme by saying something like: Your hurtful rhyme makes me choke, But in your face, I throw a coke. Then comes the next attack. Whomever runs out of rhymes first, loses. It’s rather like a rap-duel, I guess, but a lot more magical. Here’s some photos of our wands—and our duels.

.wl2015_wands00 wl2015_wands03 wl2015_wands02 wl2015_wands01 wl2015_duel01 wl2015_duel02 wl2015_duel03 wl2015_duel04 wl2015_duel05 wl2015_duel06 wl2015_duel07 wl2015_duel08 wl2015_duel09

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