Egg-citing description

In a recent post, I shared some photos of one of my favorite creative workshops, which for the sake of simplicity I just call Dragon Eggs. In this workshop, the students design, build, and paint their own magical creature egg and then imagine what creature will hatch out of it.

I tie this activity in with a discussion of the five senses. Since the students have an actual prop to work with, they can easily imagine the visuals of the egg and get to experience it with a tactile perspective. From that point on, it’s not too difficult to start imagining sights, sounds, and even tastes.

I recently delivered this workshop for a second time this year . . . here’s some of the students’ creations!

cwc_lv_egg01 cwc_lv_egg02 cwc_lv_egg03 cwc_lv_egg04 cwc_lv_egg05 cwc_lv_egg06 cwc_lv_egg07 cwc_lv_egg08 cwc_lv_egg09

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