Brainstorming from Hawaii

As I mentioned in some earlier posts, I was surprised to discover so much story inspiration on my recent trip to the big island of Hawaii. I’m not much of  a beach person, but I did figure I’d spend a lot of time swimming, snorkeling, and unwinding.

As it turned out, my brain never did turn off and I came up with some crucial world building details for a project I’m working on. Thankfully, I had made sure to bring my brainstorming journal with me and I was able to scribble down a few pages of furious notes and doodles . . .

qq_brainstorminghawaii_01 qq_brainstorminghawaii_02 qq_brainstorminghawaii_03 qq_brainstorminghawaii_04

Messy, as usual! But these types of pages always turn out to be a lifeline during the writing process.

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