A tour of my writing studio ~ Part 1


For months I’ve been working on an ambitious project to “revitalize” my studio space. I’ve been showing glimpses of the work along the way, but now the project is complete, and I can post photos of the finished space.

So, if you are so inclined . . . take this first part of the tour. (More to come in the days ahead).

Star Wars Corner

I actually have TWO Star Wars corners, but this is the first one, in the orange section of the studio. It features the 10th anniversary poster of The Empire Strikes Back (my favorite Star Wars film), plus some cool mini-posters of the original trilogy films featuring designs by artist Olly Moss.


* * *

Diorama of the Treasure Chambers in the Elder Stone

This box shelf displays a small diorama I built of the treasure chamber in the Elder Stone, from Kendra Kandlestar and the Box of Whispers. You can see the Box of Whispers, as well as the dragon egg that eventually hatched and caused the poor Eens so many problems.


* * *

Replica Helmet

This is a helmet that I bought at a prop sale after a local theatre company closed its door. The helmet is very well constructed and, I believe, was used in a production of Macbeth. When it’s not on my shelf, it’s on my head (for Halloween or other inspirational purposes).


* * *

Mysterious Key

This is a very large and heavy key that I plucked from my editor’s treasure trove. I’m obsessed with old keys, so it’s best not to leave them in my presence unattended.


* * *


This is an interesting piece of wood—look closely, and you will glimpse the stones naturally embedded within its twisted shape. My brother found this piece of driftwood on a riverbank in the BC wilderness and passed it on to me, telling me that it looked like something magical, something you could find in “one of my wizard books.” He wasn’t wrong; this piece has served as inspiration for Eenwood, the magical staffs used in my Kendra Kandlestar series.


Stay tuned for Part 2 of the tour!

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