Tiny transportation

SkeezleOne of the final workshops that we did at the CWC Secret Worlds camp in Korea involved tiny transportation.

For inspiration we showed them some of the transportation devices from famous movies and books, including  Kendra Kandlestar. Readers of that series might remember Kendra and co.’s walnut boat, or Effryn Hagglehorn’s snail (his name was Skeezle), which acted as a cart for his travelling magic shop. And then, of course, there is the airship that they use for much of the series, affectionately known as The Big Bang.

I was surprised that we didn’t see any paper airplanes or toy cars (though we did get one “bottle vehicle”). It seems most preferred “critter cars!” Here’s some of the drawing and brainstorming that helped informed the kids’ drawings.

transport12 transport11 transport10 transport09 transport08 transport07 transport06 transport05 transport04 transport03 transport02 transport01

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