Big problems — small solution

This turned out to be one of my favorite activities at the CWC Secret Worlds camp in Korea. Sticking with our theme of miniature characters, I had each student pit a character against a big problem!

How it worked was this. First, each student picked from Bag #1, which contained a plastic bug (each one was different). Next, they could pick a tool from Bag #2 and then a second tool from Bag #3. The tools included things like buttons (good for shields), postage stamps (good for sticking) and clothes pins (good for . . . er, squeezing?), plus all sorts of other items.

The students then had to brainstorm how their characters would overcome the problem with just those tools in hand. Finally, they wrote the scene.

Since we had already built miniature people, they could stand their figures alongside the bug for scale. This certainly made for a lot of imaginative play. And, let’s face it, the best play so often leads to the best stories.

big&small01 big&small02 big&small03 big&small04 big&small05 big&small06 big&small07 big&small08 big&small09 big&small10 big&small11 big&small12 big&small13 big&small14


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